For 30 years, Semetron has been helping Estonian hospitals find modern solutions in healthcare. We aim to be the leading partner in this field, offering innovative products that support traditional treatment methods.

Among our portfolio, Zoll Thermogard has been a trusted device in intensive care units for over a decade, offering intravascular temperature management solutions. Whether for fever control, therapeutic hypothermia, or warming, maintaining a target temperature is crucial for patient outcomes, complications reduction, and economic benefits.

As a reliable partner of Baxter AG, AS Semetron offers Baxter’s parenteral nutrition, anesthetic gases, acute and chronic renal replacement therapy products. For ICU patients with Acute Kidney Injury and other acute renal conditions, we provide continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) devices, Prismaflex and PrisMax, with technical support and training.

The PrisMax is the newest CRRT device offered by Baxter. The PrisMax delivers all therapy modalities of CRRT, therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE), and extracorporeal CO2 removal (ECCO2R). The PrisMax advanced technology enables clinicians to optimize therapy by improving the accuracy of treatment delivery and system performance.