THURSDAY 28th September

Pre-Congress courses

Thursday 28th September 8.30...15.00, Estonian National Museum, The Library

Pre-Congress „POCUS – Basic course“

Ultrasound is a stethoscope of the modern physician. It is safe and informative, being also realtively well available. It said to be operator dependent and therefore data is difficult to interpret and compare.

Pre-congress US course is a possibility to make your first steps in the world of ultrasound under the guidance of experienced and friendly users. Heart, lung and abdomen ultrasound fast systematic evaluation will be practised on models along with discussions.

International faculty: Jim Conoly, UK; Umut Ocak, TUR and Farooq Pasha, UK

Local faculty: Martin Padar, Ott Maasikas, Aleksandr Beljantsev, Hardo Toim, Vladislav Mihnovitš, Sander Poks

Thursday 28th September 08.45...15.00, Tartu University Hospital Simulation Centre

Pre-Congress course „Crisis management in anaesthesia and critical care“

Practice managing anaesthetic emergencies such as difficult intubation, anaphylaxis, bleeding patient, poisoning and problematic paediatric patient, using full patient simulation and real clinical teams.

Increase your non-technical skills and improve your ability to manage anaesthetic emergencies efficiently and effectively

Undergo simulated clinical scenarios based on real-life serious unexpected incidents using the facilities of Tartu University Hospital

Be debriefed following scenarios in an informal atmosphere under the guidance of an experienced faculty

International faculty: Helen Higham, UK

Local faculty: Eve Härma, Lauri Kõrgvee, Jaan Sütt, Kerli Vijar, Veiko Herodes, Kaie Stroo, Liivi Maddison, Mari-Liis Ilmoja, Neve Vendt

The Bridge

Conscious or unconscious…
Chairperson: Juri Karjagin, EE

16.30…16.50 Dental procedures. Veiko Herodes, EE
16.50…17.10 Concsious sedation for renal cryoablations. Dmitri Avlassevitch, UK
17.10…17.30 Remimazolam – a “silver” bullet. Juri Karjagin, EE
17.30…17.45 Kids’ sedation all fake. Mari-Liis Ilmoja, EE

17.45…18.15 Coffee break

18.15…19.45 Opening: war and burnout
Chairpersons: Juri Karjagin, EE

18.15…18.20 Welcome, Juri Karjagin
18.20…18.40 Patient’s safety at war. Vilma Traškaitė – Juškevičienė, LT
18.40…19.00 Burnout among us. Audience
19.00…19.30 How to deal with burnout? Merit Kudeviita, EE

19.30…22.00 Gathering and music

FRIDAY 29th September

The Bridge

Lungs, gases…
Chairpersons: Hans-Erik Ehrlich, EE

08.00…08.20 Stewart or Astrup? František Duška, CZ
08.20…08.40 Fluids and lungs. Tomas Jovaiša, LT
08.40…08.55 pCO2 gap. František Duška, CZ
08.55…09.10 Hyperlactaemia or lactic acidosis. Mervyn Singer, UK
09.10…09.20 Preoperative anxiety impact on patient satisfaction. Viktorija Panova, LV
09.20…09.30 Analysis of implication of massive transfusion protocol at the Tartu University Hospital. Dmitri Stepanov, EE

09.30…10.00 Coffee break / Poster presentations stand A and B

Hips, knees, shoulders…
Chairpersons: Alex Miscuks, LV

10.00…10.20 Pain management for hip and knee replacement: are we ready for outpatient surgery? Arunas Gelmanas, LT
10.20…10.40 Shoulder surgery with phrenic nerve sparing options. Morne Wolmarans, UK
10.40…11.00 Contemporary data on intrathecal morphine for lower limb arthroplasty. Eric Albrecht, CH
11.00…11.20 Spinal prilocaine for hip replacement surgery-does it fit for everyone? Iveta Golubovska, LV
11.20…11.30 The effects of low-dose ketamine on postoperative pain and adverse events after intraoperative remifentanil administration. Darija Savinova, LT

11.30…12.00 Coffee break / Poster presentations stand A and B

Haemodialysis only for creatinine, is it?
Chairpersons: Tomas Jovaiša, LT

12.00…12.20 Timing of renal replacement therapy. Michael Joannidis, AT
12.20…12.40 Haemodialysis and nutrition are they connected? Mette Berger, CH
12.40…13.00 10 myths about furosemide. Michael Joannidis, AT
13.00…13.20 Extracorporeal blood purification therapy in septic shock patients. Darja Smirnova, LV
13.20…13.30 Experience with CytoSorb in COVID-19 Patients with Moderate and Severe Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Ingrida Lisauskiene, LT

13.30…14.30 LUNCH / Poster presentations stand A and B 

stOP and Go
Chairpersons: Kerli Vijar, EE

14.30…14.50 EEG and processed EEG, utility and methods to improve perioperative care. Finn Radtke, DK
14.50…15.10 Perioperative factors on haemoglobin concentration. A responsibility of the anaesthesiologist and intensivist? Kai Zacharowski, DE
15.10…15.30 End-of-Life care and ethical decision-making: learning from best practices. Jos Latour, UK
15.30…15.45 Prevention of post-intensive care syndrome of adults. Reta Loodus, EE
15.45…15.55 Airway management in an operating room – attitudes of anaesthesiologists reanimatologists of a Lithuanian university hospital. Ugnė Norvaišaitė, LT

16.00…16.30 Coffee break / Poster presentations stand A and B

The first prioriy is always “A”
Chairperson: Veiko Herodes, EE

16.30…16.50 Interesting airway cases: portables&solutions. Imran Ahmad, UK
16.50…17.05 How to deal with unpredicted difficult airways? Arvīds Bērziņš. LV
17.05…17.20 Paediatric difficult airway. Kaie Stroo, EE
17.20…17.40 HFNO: pre-oxygenation, per-oxygenation & THRIVE. Imran Ahmad, UK

19.00…23.00 Gala Dinner Comb Factory

FRIDAY 29th September

The Hurda Hall

Joint Meeting 10th World Congress of ACS V sessioon

09.30…10.00 Coffee break / Poster presentations stand A and B

Pumps, flows…
Chairperson: Ieva Jovaišiene, LT

10.00…10.20 ECMO circuit flow impacts general oxygen delivery, synchronizing with patient’s needs. Edgars Prozorovskis, LV
10.20…10.50 Pulsatile V-A ECMO for cardiogenic shock. Silver Heinsar, EE
10.50…11.10 The optimal arterial blood pressure during cardiopulmonary bypass: does one fit all? Milda Švagždienė, LT
11.10…11.30 ECMO – yes, not yet or never? Indrek Rätsep, EE

11.30…12.00 Coffee break / Poster presentations stand A and B

Chairperson: Eva Strike, LV

12.00…12.20 The future of artificial intelligence – shiny and bright? Jan de Waele, BE
12.20…12.40 Model-informed precision dosing of antibiotics: moving beyond one model-one target fits all. Hiie Soeorg, EE
12.40…13.00 Beyond the state-of-art in anaesthesia and intensive care: pitfalls in the path of innovations. Audrius Andrijauskas, LT
13.00…13.20 The ICU in vivo. Critical Illness is top sport. Can Ince, NL
13.20…13.30 Factors influencing vancomycin dose adjustment at the Tartu University Hospital level 3 intensive care units. Hanna Kadri Laas, EE

13.30…14.30 LUNCH / Poster presentations stand A and B

Chairperson: Audrius Andrijauskas, LT

14.30…14.50 Management and outcomes. Tomas Jovaiša, LT
14.50…15.10 Risk factors associated with mortality in the infective endocarditis patients after cardiac surgery. Eva Strike, LV
15.10…15.40 PRO-CON Early postoperative nutrition improves outcome
Pro Mette Berger, CH
Con Joel Starkopf, EE
15.40…15.55 Assessment of quality of life after intensive care. Liivi Maddison, EE

16.00…16.30 Coffee break / Poster presentations stand A and B

Sepsis and blood…
Chairpersons: Kristo Erikson, EE

16.30…16.50 Sepsis hysteria. Mervyn Singer, UK
16.50…17.10 I see you patients with blood cancer. Šarunas Judickas, LT
17.10…17.30 Haematological patients in ICU. Anni Nurk, EE

19.00…23.00 Gala Dinner Comb Factory

FRIDAY 29th September

The Library

Micro is not small…
Chairpersons: Liivi Maddison, EE

08.00…08.20 Tissue red blood cell perfusion the new target parameter for microcirculatory guided resuscitation. Can Ince, NL
08.20…08.40 Evaluation of microcirculation in septic shock and Covid-19 patients. Mara Klibus, LV
08.40…09.00 Is there still a place for antioxidants in the ICU? Eglė Belousovienė, LT
09.00…09.10 ROTEM test correlation with severity of sepsis and mortality in the intensive care unit. Kristiana Ulme, LV
09.10…09.20 The impact of fluid balance on muscle mass assessment techniques in ICU patients: Muscle Ultrasound versus Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. Gintarė Šostakaitė, LT
09.20…09.30 Patient positioning and intra-abdominal pressure variations in postoperative cardiothoracic patients: a single-center observational study. Franziska Guenther, NL

09.30…10.00 Coffee break / Poster presentations stand A and B

Evaluate and treat…
Chairperson: Mari-Liis Ilmoja, EE

10.00…10.10 Does a new scoring system, defining hemodynamic decompensation, depict clinical condition of intensive care patients correctly? Kathrin Stich, DE
10.10…10.30  When to start AB, virals and fungals? Jan de Waele, BE
10.30…10.50 When to stop AB, virals and fungals? Mervyn Singer, UK
10.50…11.10 GIT and SOFA score. Annika Reintam-Blaser, CH
11.10…11.30 Electrolytes and SOFA. Kaspar Bachmann, CH

11.30…12.00 Coffee break / Poster presentations stand A and B

Beaty of birth
Chairperson: Irina Evansa, LV

12.00…12.20 Tips and tricks in neuraxial anesthesia and analgesia for labour. Emilia Guasch, ES
12.20…12.35 Epidural analgesia and autism. Juri Karjagin, EE
12.35…12.50 Postpartum haemorrhage in Estonia. Helle Karro, EE
12.50…13.10 Massive postpartum haemorrhage. Can we do better? Emilia Guasch, ES
13.10…13.20 Platelet function testing and postprocedural complications in patients with unruptured intracranial aneurysms treated by flow diversion. Kadri Lillemäe, EE
13.20…13.30 Impact of intraoperative neuromonitoring methods on long-term neurological outcome in cardiac surgery. Davis Mackevics, LV

13.30…14.30 LUNCH / Poster presentations stand A and B
Friday 29th September, The Bookstore

Pain here, pain there…
Chairperson: Kaire Pakkonen, EE

14.30…15.00 What do I do with opioid-tolerant patients? Patrice Forget, UK
15.00…15.15 Who dares to eat NSAIDs? Jana Lass, EE
15.15…15.30 Change of quality of life in patients with chronic pain with prescription opioid usage after opioid detoxification. Gabija Laubner Sakalauskienė, LT
15.30…15.45 Preventing persistent postsurgical pain: what can we do better? Irina Evansa, LV
15.45…16.00 Improvement in postoperative PAIN OUTcome: patient perspective. Iveta Golubovska, LV

16.00…16.30 Coffee break / Poster presentations stand A and B

Can you do regional block?
Chairperson: Arunas Gelmanas, LT
16.30…16.50 … in the diabetic patient Eric Albrecht, CH
16.50…17.10 … in patients with high risk of compartment syndrome Morne Wolmarans, UK
17.10…17.30 What is the new trends in massive transfusion? Low titer group O whole blood. Mark Yazer, USA (video-presentation)

19.00…23.00 Gala Dinner Comb Factory

FRIDAY 29th September

The Theatre Hall

Children and well-being
Chairpersons: Andra-Maris Post, Linda Frīdenberga

08.00…08.10 Welcome
08.10…09.00 The critically ill child in the adult ICU: Their needs are special! Jos Latour, UK
09.00…09.20 Communicare ICU – Because even in intensive care unit, the patient has the right to communicate. Andra-Maris Post, EE
09.20…09.30 Discussion

09.30…10.00 Coffee break / Poster presentations stand A and B

Patient safety
Chairpersons: Oksana Ivanov, Piret Kleemann

10.00…10.15 Anesthesia nurse- advanced anesthesia nurse: similarities and differences. Lina Gedrimė, LT
10.15…10.30 Rotating nurse anesthetist – how to maintain safety? Daiva Didvale, Rokas Žilys, LT
10.30…10.45 Risks of infection control in the anesthesiology department. Dita Poševa, Dina Mentele, LV
10.45…11.05 Starting and sustaining an ECMO program. Kristjan Lokk, EE
11.05…11.30 First e-intensive experience in Baltic states. Kristo Erikson, Piret Sillaots, EE

11.30…12.00 Coffee break / Poster presentations stand A and B

Working together
Chairpersons: Helen Valk, Linda Frīdenberga

12.00…12.35 Magnet – what does it bring to patients, nursing, and organization. Marita Ritmala, FI
12.35…13.20 ICU experiences of patients, family and staff: why it matters and how to improve it? Jos Latour, UK
13.20…13.30 Collaboration agreement

13.30…14.30 LUNCH / Poster presentations stand A and B

SATURDAY 30th September

The Bridge

Game of minds…
Chairperson: Andrius Macas, LT

09.00…09.15 Detection of cerebral vasospasm in subarachnoid hemorrhage. Ieva Būce-Šatoba, LV
09.15…09.30 Haemostasis and thrombosis in traumatic brain injury. Marius Rimaitis, LT
09.30…09.50 Postoperative Delirium – evidence and strategies for prevention. Finn Radtke, DK
09.50…10.05 How well do we anaesthesiologist put ourselves to sleep? Gabrielė Ledinauskienė, LT
10.05…10.25 ICU patients’ sleep promotion. Marita Ritmala, FI

10.30…11.00 Coffee break

Panel discussion Anaesthesia and intensive care one specialty or not…
Chairpersons: Olegs Sabelnikovs, LV and Veronika Reinhard, EE

Kai Zacharowski DE, František Duška CZ, Joel Starkopf EE, Andrius Macas LT, Tomas Jovaiša LT, Eva Strike LT, Annika Reintam Blaser CH

Chairpersons: Juri Karjagin EE, Iveta Golubovska LV, Andrius Macas LT


SATURDAY 30th September

The Hurda Hall

With or without…
Chairpersons: Vilma Traškaitė – Juškevičienė, LT

09.00…09.20 Do we need opioid during anaesthesia? Jan Paul Mulier, BE
09.20…09.40 Opioid-sparing anaesthesia. Eric Albrecht, CH
09.40…09.55 Does the rising popularity of epidural analgesia improve its quality? Marina Šarkele, LV
09.55…10.10 Pharmacokinetics of ropivacaine used for local infiltration analgesia and nerve blocks. Sigita Kazune, LV
10.10…10.20 Evaluating the accuracy of patient state index for measuring anesthetic depth in patients undergoing propofol-sevoflurane anesthesia. Antons Zakalkins, LV
10.20…10.30 TV series or professional cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses – which is a better teacher? Gabriele Lisauskaite, LT

10.30…11.00 Coffee break

SATURDAY 30th September

The Library

How to be a better doctor/nurse?
Chairpersons: Mihkel Viru, EE and Anni Nurk, EE

09.00…09.35 How to be a better coach to your colleagues and residents? Leila Niemi-Murola, FI
09.35…10.00 How to see beyond the disease – the roles of a healthcare worker. Anu Sarv, EE
10.00…10.25 How to make mistakes? Julius Juurmaa,EE

10.30…11.00 Coffee break


Friday 29th September, The Exhibition area
Stand A

9.30…10.00 Chairs Hans Erik Ehrlich EE and Olavi Maasikas EE
Dynamics of endotoxin, inflammatory markers and organ dysfunction in patients with septic shock undergoing hemadsorption with oXiris®. Elizabeta Stasane LV
Virtual Laryngoscopy for Airway Management Planning inPatient with Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis. Liva Jasote LV
Spinal Anesthesia for an Urgent Cesarean Delivery in a Pregnant Patient with Severe Kyphoscoliosis: A Clinical Case Study. Umut Ocak TUR

11.30…12.00 Chairs prof. Aleksejs Miscuks LV and Veronika Reinhard EE

Characterization of secondary bacterial and fungal infections in ICU hospitalized patients with COVID- 19: a retrospective observational study. Sigita Kazune LV
Vancomycin Dosing and Concentration Target Attainment in ECMO Patients. Artjom Afanasjev EE
The Development and Progression of AKI in Patients on Vancomycin Treatment in Tartu University Hospital ICU-s. Kristiina Naber EE

13.30…14.30 Chairs prof. Aleksejs Miscuks LV and Veronika Reinhard EE
Post-anesthesia care unit nurses knowledge about epidural analgesia. Evelina Alūzaitė LT
Formation of crystals in local anesthetic mixtures commonly employed in clinical settings. Marta Aukone LV
Regional anaesthesia and liver transplantation: what’s new? Renata Sarkaite LT
Efficacy of the ERAS (enhanced recovery after surgery) program in elective total hip arthroplasty – early data. Afrodīte Jankovska LV
Effect of aging signs of skull on evaluation of cerebral blood flow with transcranial ultrasound method. Rihards Seržāns LV

Friday 29th September, The Exhibition area
Stand B

9.30…10.00 Chairs Veronika Reinhard EE and Kerli Vijar EE

Succecful case of potentially fatal RSV-infection (RSVI) treated with ECMO. Helgi Padari EE
Secondary epiglotitis caused by dental infection in 46 year old male patient – a clinical case report Kristīne Jakovļeva LV
Methanol poisoning after hand sanitizer consumption – a case report. Kristīne Jakovļeva LV

11.30…12.00 Chairs Mari-Liis Ilmoja EE and Diana Gasiunaite LT

Severe Traumatic Brain Injury During Pregnancy: a Case Report. Anete Geršmane LV
Correlation between Blood Ionized Calcium and Severity of Ethylene Glycol Poisoning: A Retrospective Analysis. Roberts Stašinskis LV
Adult admissions to an intensive care unit due to adverse drug reactions. Greta Masiliūnienė LT

13.30…14.30 Chairs Mari-Liis Ilmoja EE and Diana Gasiunaite LT

Sustainability in anaesthesia and critical care in Latvia: survey. Egija Junusova LV
The effects of low-dose ketamine on early postanaesthesia recovery after intraoperative remifentanil infusions in bariatric patients. Viltė Jocaitytė LT
Effectiveness of four different suture techniques for centralvenous catheter fixation. Anastasija Lazdane LV
Correlation between ASA Psyhical status class and mortality in surgery patients. Mārtiņš Saulīte LV
Enhancing Neurosurgery Nurse Team’s Adherence to External Ventricular Drain (EVD) Care Guidelines: A Training Approach. Julia Babin ISR

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